Red Flag: Not So “Baby-Step” Toward Gun Confiscation, Unconstitutional “No-Win” Wars, and Lifelong Brainwashing…

The president is consulting allies about supporting expanded background checks. Mitch McConnell said the idea would be “front and center” when the Senate reconvenes.

Trump Weighs New Stance on Guns as Pressure Mounts After Shootings

Read following 2013 article by Lynn Stuter Finney:

Lynn Stuter — Of Despots and Sheeple

Gun Control, Followed by Genocides

If the U.S. Government really cares about saving lives here and abroad, why doesn’t IT stop its “no win” wars all over the world, killing not only innocent foreigners, but killing, injuring and maiming our own soldiers (our sons and daughters) for WHAT?

And stop government-created problems forcing U.S. police, traditionally called “peace” officers, to become militarized, thus turning them, in many, but not all cases, enemies of the very people they are meant to serve and protect.

And what about the training of U.S. police officers in foreign countries? Isn’t that slightly weird?

Deadly Exchange report reveals extent of massive training programs between U.S. law enforcement and Israeli police, military and the Shin Bet…

Such exchanges of police are not new. Take a look at this 1991 incident involving Russian police in New York City subway:

DDD page 280: (see free PDF)

“WEEK IN THE SUBWAY AS CULTURAL EXCHANGE” BY JACQUES STEINBERG WHICH APPEARED in the June 15, 1991 issue of The New York Times pointed out some of the interesting activities resulting from the exchanges signed between President Reagan and President Gorbachev. An excerpt follows:

“A hapless fare-beater was arrested today in the Chambers Street subway station, and he was suddenly surrounded by six Moscow police officers. This was not a scene out of a Cold War nightmare. The Soviets were not taking over the United States. This was a cultural exchange.”

Anyhow, getting back to subject of U.S. government sanctioning “No Win” wars. None of our wars since Korea has been Congressionally sanctioned.

Decades Of Unconstitutional Wars

How did we reach this situation so far removed from the US Constitution’s dictate that Congress alone decides if the US goes to war, as well as what is the scope of any such wars?

Constitutional scholar Louis Fisher examines this question in detail in his article “Unconstitutional Wars from Truman Forward” in the latest issue of the Center for the Study of Statesmanship’s journal Humanitas.

In his article, Fisher, who is a member of the Ron Paul Institute Academic Board, lays out the clear direction in the Constitution that it is Congress alone that has the power to place the US into war as well as to define the limits of any war it authorizes. Fisher supports this argument with a discussion of both the wording of the Constitution and context including statements of Founding Fathers.

Charlotte: And, aren’t we having a hard enough time dealing with (mass shootings) within our own country? When we solve that problem, the curious source of uncharacteristic hatred of our neighbors, we may understand why we are going to war all over the world. If one finds this statement ambiguous, it’s meant to be. People have to figure it out for themselves. First, study psycho-politics. See: “Brainwashed into Slavery”.

P.S. The following extremely relevant information regarding Red Flag laws in this (article by Pastor Chuck Baldwin AND recent legislation in Maine) just received from one of a “too small” handful of patriot activists, in Maine:

SP0612- LD 1811: Red Flag Gun Law for Maine, signed by Janet Mills, June 20, 2019