The End of Representative Government… The Beginning of Global “Governance”

Government of the people, by the people, for the people?! According to Reed Hastings of Netflix you only have 20-30 years of freedom left! Get out to vote now, because you won’t have it in the future.

While many conservatives are out in the political world opposing the CRISIS of Common Core, few realize that the pre-digested, pre-determined SOLUTIONS being proposed and implemented by the powers-that-be (what Dr. Dennis Cuddy refers to as the “Power Elite”) are out to eliminate grassroots America. Bye-bye grasssroots. Bye-bye elected representatives. Hello controlled “governance.”

We already know from the New Orleans experiment that the charter parents are undergoing intensive re-education so that they will “buy into” a new structure of governance, which is top-down control. (read “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the Village” for details). Now we know a little more of the story. Reed Hastings tells all.

Below is the Reed Hastings address to the California Charter Schools Association posted on YouTube.

Netflix CEO. Reed HastingsKeynote Speaker, CCSA Conference 2014California Charter Schools AssociationPublished on YouTube Mar 4, 2014

He mentions Roy Romer, former governor of Colorado. His is a familiar name to those of us who opposed Outcome-Based Education 25 years ago. In his platform of the National Governors Association, he chaired the Education Commission of the States, and worked to further the agenda of education reform. In case the reader isn’t up to date on Romer, here is his latest bio, which indicates he is still a major change agent in education reform circles, heavily financed by the Power Elite:

“On June 7, 2000, he became Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, where he served for six years…

A May 8, 2006 Los Angeles Times article suggested naming a school after Romer. LAUSD announced that Roy Romer Middle School would open in 2008 in the eastern San Fernando Valley.

On April 25, 2007, Roy Romer began his service as the chairman and lead spokesman for Strong American Schools, a nonprofit project responsible for running Ed in 08, an information and initiative campaign funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Eli and Edythe Broad foundation, aimed at encouraging 2008 presidential contenders to include education in their campaign policies.”

What is Reed Hastings really saying here? Well, he is using a classic technique for creating CHANGE via manipulation. He is downgrading our elected representative form of government by citing all of the PROBLEMS with it that he can think to list. Many of us would agree that there are problems. However, he is saying that citizen-elected school boards are not “healthy.” He is talking about what a disaster it is when DULY ELECTED LOCAL school boards, representing citizens in each school district, have changeover each election. What?!

Local citizens may not LIKE how any duly elected school board member acts, and so they vote to throw them out of office the next election. This is America’s representative form of government. Messy it may be, but it is freedom. This is the EMPOWERMENT of American citizens. WE have a voice. WE have a vote. WE can go to the polling booth and CHOOSE who we want to represent us. WE have TRUE CHOICE!

But in the Reed Hastings universe, notice what he calls “healthy.” SELF-PERPETUATING boards!!! Self-anointed, self-appointed, self-elected boards that act like good-old-boys clubs and pass the baton to the next board member WITHOUT any VOTE! He says that a charter school’s board of directors gets to choose the next members of the board. This means that you the PARENT and YOU the CITIZEN have absolutely NO CHOICE in the matter! Even if your children are enrolled in the charter school, you have NO CHOICE over who gets appointed to the board.

The implications are staggering. Charter school “choice” is an utter sham!

As you continue listening, Reed Hastings is talking about a top-down military-style control organization. What’s so good about the military? “Controlling their training,” he says. This is “essentially the charter school way.” Wow…

Next, Reed Hastings mentions New Orleans. Of course! The New Orleans charter school experiment which we’ve written about often on this blog. No voter representation. No true freedom of “choice.” Everyone is part of the charter “hub” system. And John Ayers and his “choice” buddies are busily re-training the parents to accept this new form of “governance.” (Read “Using Crisis to Control ‘Choice'”)

What a stark admission! He says that the self-anointed, self-appointed unelected CHARTER school board is better! Better for WHOM? The citizens, who have just lost their voice? The voter who has just lost his true grassroots power? The children who now have an unelected board governing their daily lives — people who are NOT accountable to their parents, not accountable to the local citizens? Not accountable to ANYONE but themselves?!! Really? Read: “The 3-Legged Stool of School ‘Choice'”

Like many of the corporate management gurus, Reed Hastings is a futurist. He seems to hold to a utopian view of the future where all children will perform perfectly in a perfectly controlled system. But all of these utopian management types, the father of whom was Peter Drucker, also advocate for a new form of governance. In reality, in its actual workings, this form of governance (which is global in scope) is totalitarian. It is a top-down management control structure, driven by performance-based objectives, with pre-set standards and criteria, along with continuous quality improvement requirements and assessments. Those who do not perform up to par are penalized. Those who conform to the system are rewarded. One can see the beginnings of this onerous system in the No Child Left Behind Act. Read “Peter Drucker’s Role in Education Reform.”

Below is where Hastings explains how you lose your right to vote. Note Hastings’ convoluted history. He could stand to go back in the classroom himself. In fact, this raises an interesting question. Just WHAT are charter schools teaching students about the American REPRESENTATIVE form of government? Are they even teaching the American Constitution? Somebody needs to start investigating charter school curriculum.

Hastings presents skewed history in order to make his case that the VOTE must GO! He arrogantly introduces “Our idea” — which is the charter school industry’s “authority and regulation and accountability” as a newer, better, improved model of governance that should replace democracy. Democracy is old-fashioned and obsolete. He likens charter governance to a “rocketship.” He seems to be condescendingly saying, “We elites are all so modern and high tech, we have evolved to the point of having a higher form of governance now, you poor peons… give up now. or sometime in the next 20-30 years we will take it away from you…”

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